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With the rapid development of LED lighting,the water-proof sealing pipe for lighting is now in popular application.The current product is mainly composed of the end cover and the PC,PMMA,PVC pipes which have the diffuse reflection.To secure the LED circuit board,two bit-shaped supports are made symmetrically at left and right inside the pipe.Though this design simplifies the circuit board installation,the end cover’s shape has to be adjusted accordingly, which makes it more difficult to do sealing. Moreover, it can cause the pipe to get deformed, which will further hinder the sealing and bring no ideal water-proof effect,resulting in the short circuit and damage of the circuit board.
In order to solve the above technical issue,our company has developed the water-proof sealing lighting pipe which consists of the diffuse-reflection pipe and the end cover, the latter being sealed and installed at the both ends.The improvement also includes the supporting ring of the circuit board inside which the bit-shaped supports are made oppositely. And the inner diameter of the pipe mates with the outer diameter of the supporting ring.For assembling,secure the supporting ring to the proper position inside the pipe for installing the circuit board. In this way, the pipe will not get deformed due to the uneven shrinkage when extruding,and the end covers on both ends can keep their full round-shape with silicon rubber washer installed, alI of which help achieve the reliable sealing and water-proof with easy installation.

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